Thursday, May 19, 2011


this is a lesson in layering and scribbling. i started with a pale colored pencil. held it so that the sharpened tip was flat against the paper and made wide strokes for each letter. then with a darker color i scribbled over the top, giving each letter more definition and finally, added the darkest color.

i used a g-tec for the last name. it is the aqua blue. the set of ten colored g-tecs has a darker blue, which is what i used for the address lines. if you compare the two kaiser envelopes, yesterday and today, you will see that i like to put a wide band across the middle of the envelope from west coast to east coast. then i like to create another band from top to bottom. this leaves some white space over on the west side. you have to be careful when you plan on putting the address over to the east. it can be a problem if you run out of room. it is easier to put all the lettering flush west, but, that sets up a diagonal from northeast to southwest....and it can be pleasing or not.

it is also worth mentioning that with the five letters T-R-A-C-Y...two are angular, two are curved and one has both. it is a good idea to think about the mix. on this name, i don't think it would have looked as good to have a round a. that would have left T all alone as the only letter without a curve. i just did this without thinking. but, if you are new to lettering, you might want to experiment with a name before you start the envelope. try different styles of each letter and make combinations to see which one you like best.

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