Thursday, May 26, 2011

red flower - garden of love

second idea was a casual placement of stamps. i've not tried doing those doves. after i do the five versions, i have to make myself come up with a design for each individual stamp. i already know that i am a lot more creative when i have 70 or 80 envelopes to do...rather than coming up with one good idea at a time.


  1. is the outlining done in white pencil?
    that red is outstanding...even to color blind me

  2. this one is with a white gel pen. i kept going back and forth between white pencil and white gel pen. several have both.

    glad you like the red. it seems a little dark to me. but, this was one of the first ones i did. of course, matching is not essential. sometimes, it looks better to be off a bit...