Saturday, June 4, 2011

mrs powers

i don't think mrs powers reads my blog. i found this envelope that was addressed to her a while ago. i thought i would add her married name and send it along. thought i would see how the garden of love stamps look on black. i still like the gravel so much...

the post at 1 am is just a story. i try to keep the blog strictly about envelopes, but, when i read an article about another jean wilson who has the same type of devotion to something (pizza/envelopes) i feel like it is worth including in the blog.

so, if you don't want to waste time on a story, just skip the earlier june 4th post below. if you were up at 1 am, waiting for the daily post, tell me about it. i know some of you check the blog each morning, but am not aware of anyone who gets up at 1 am. although, with the world being round and having all times of day at the same time, maybe i have people in europe who check the blog right about the time the new posts pop up?

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