Thursday, June 2, 2011

improved - vine, garden of love

i thought i needed to add some of the dark tone of the background of the stamps. and dots. i solve everything with dots. i liked it when i mailed it. it will be interesting to see how it looks on the screen. sometimes the ones that look fine in person, look crumby on the screen and vice-versa. i don't know why that is.

i am thinking of starting a new blog called pushing penmanship. i have a new penmanship class starting in a couple weeks and it seems like it might be good to focus on lettering for a while. decisions...decisions...

plus, i have my flip-cam. i need to do some test shots and see if i can upload them to the blog.


  1. more info about your class please

  2. there is a class starting, tuesday evenings for 6 weeks at the des moines art center. details are at their website, click on education, then classes, the summer schedule, then summer 2011, then adult classes, then click on a drop down menu, and under summer art appreciation is summer calligraphy. calligraphy in the summer is much much easier than in the winter. :-)

  3. The addition of the darker lines moves the focus from the stamp to the envelope - both versions you posted are great.