Tuesday, June 28, 2011

postal museum website


above is a fun website that booklore mentioned in a comment a while ago. it is a fun place to visit.

and we have an envelope to nan, the queen of copperplate... i've been trying to come up with a motif for each of the garden of love stamps. but, i have the whole color-of-the-envelope issue that makes it complicated. the little yellow flowers did not show up at all. nothing showed up. i had to keep adding white. layering is usually the solution to everything. this time...i don't think it really worked...although it is not puke-worthy.

i forgot how to delete just a photo...so i will add a correct orientation. don't forget, if you click on the actual envelope it will pop open, much larger. i've talked to quite a few people who don't know that, so now i don't know how often i should mention it.


  1. I'm so glad to find your wonderful art....I went to the Post Office to buy these stamps after seeing your envelopes!!! I have several very special friends I want to do design work on an envelope for them...with a social letter of course....I am tied down with many grandchildren for a while and can't get to my art studio to work, but this will sure fill my need to do some artwork!!!! THANKS for a great idea!!!! Blessings to you....

  2. thanks for commenting...yes, envelopes are a great way to fill the need to make something. eVeRyOnE loves getting mail, so it's a win-win situation. if you dig back into the archives, there is a fun envelope done by a friend who let her little kids scribble on the envelope and then she finished it. maybe your grandkids would enjoy a collaborative project :-)

  3. if you click on the label that says [my mail] and then scroll to sept 29 th (i think that's it) you will see the fun scribble-envelope

  4. nope...it is sept 9th...sorry...very poor at the short term memory

  5. Oh, Jean, thanks sooo much....I've been trying to find it between reading to a three year old and keep the others from screaming too loud....they have been here next door for a year until their own house is built....soon they will move in....we do lots of art too.....sometimes I am exhausted but will cherish the memories.....NOWW ...this children's one you told me about is wonderful and we may do that tomorrow....I'll let you know....I am going to follow you, so I can keep up with your wonderful art. You are the first I've seen...and I am so excited, although I did do some art collage on envelopes(empty) to a friend....forgot what they called it, but it was fun and sent a few to my grandkids.....completely forgot until I saw this....thanks for everything....I'll check in soon!!! Your work IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am not a very good calligrapher, but you make me want to practice!!

  6. I have a HUGE and growing file of luscious 'wilson' mail and was so happy to add this one to my collection...after it spends time adorning the space over my work desk of course.

    Thanks Jean.