Tuesday, June 21, 2011

green - rideshare

i did manage to pencil in a bit on this one. in general, i did not do much planning on this whole series. on this one, i liked the fine pencil line and left it. i should explore the use of pencil as part of the finished piece

if i had a small boy who had a birthday coming up, i would use this idea for the invitations to his birthday party. only, i would get stamps with airplanes on them and have the exhaust be the smoke from a skywriter airplane. that's what i would do.

and if you read yesterday's blog before 6 am, CDT, you missed the additional comments about postal rates. so, if you are a mail artist, you might want to check yesterday's post again. if you are just a lurker, *hi*...

1 comment:

  1. i have had conversations with a few people who did not know that you need to click on the picture of the envelope to really see the details. and if you click on this one, you see that the people have no eyes...creepy.