Friday, June 3, 2011

ballpoint ribbon writing

this is my thank you to elizabeth for the versal exemplar. now that i am through with the wedding, i will be writing my thank yous. i have quite a stack, please be patient. i should go back and do the oldest first, but....that would take time to dig, and i'm just going to start at the top of the pile and work backwards. this is my ribbon writing in ballpoint. i love pilot ball point pens. they are my tool of choice. i wish i could find a bride who wanted to use blue ballpoint pen as her *color*

my doodling while i am on the phone is always better than my actual work. why is that? because i am just having fun. there is pressure to make it exactly the way i want on the envelope and that makes it a little stiff. not that all the doodling is wonderful. doing a lot of envelopes is also a good way to make them loose and flow-y. fluid, i guess is the word i am looking for. anyone else have good words to describe that kind of lettering that flows nicely.

and you can see how the second E is way better than the first E.
tomorrow i will show you a couple more Cs

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