Wednesday, June 29, 2011

taller stack

kathy left a comment that she liked the first idea i had for this stamp and even as i was doing the first one, i was imagining a much taller stack of items. so it was fun to do this one. i cropped off her address in the scan, it ran in the proper orientation along one edge. i'll probably get around to doing some more variations on this one.

i wanted to put one of those Booth-inspired dogs under the microwave. but i was too lazy to research and find an image. so, when i couldn't figure out the head, i just made it headless. not a very inspired stack of stuff. i need to work on this one.


  1. yes, you may sent mail that looks like this. it is better to put extra postage on anything that is a portrait orientation. i made the address very it should get there ok. but, i have not heard that it did.

  2. ooops...that should be may send mail (not sent) i can't figure out how to edit comments.