Monday, June 6, 2011

another try with the julia stamp

there is something wrong with this envelope. there was something wrong with the one yesterday. what's wrong? is it the same thing? is anyone other than katy/kathy or jackie going to even guess? k and j are winning all the prizes. maybe the rest of you need to know what the prizes are in order to be inspired to submit answers to the questions.


  1. A wild guess with the hope to win one of the prizes:
    The text is slanted. You didn't pencil in any guide lines for writing the name & address. ???

  2. you will get a consolation prize...but, i am sorry, this is not the correct answer. you are is slanted...but, i was going for a a watery, wavy look...

  3. you are still trying to unload that old slide projector, aren't you? i have a few guesses, and since i already won my prize, if i'm correct i would like to give the prize to booklore who is obviously a very dedicated and deserving student. here are my guesses: you need to use your genius grant and buy photoshop to blur the addresses. either that, or you need to scan just the names before you add the addresses. or, the people need to move to a new address so they no longer care about the address. or -- and this is completely radical -- you could just scribble the addresses -- in aesthetically pleasing lines, of course. or. . .you start your new penmanship blog so you don't have to worry about addresses or taping over them.

  4. somebody borrowed the slide projector. i am going to be driving north, through minnesota and wisconsin at the end of the month
    would you like me to get it back and drop it off? the person who borrowed it does not want to keep it.

    i'll be in the prize will be loaded to the gills. luck would have it, i have to drive through santa fe in september, so the rest of the prizes will be dropped off with katy/kathy

    booklore will be getting his prizes next time i see him. he's local, you know.

    jackie did not declare the answer in a straightforward manner, but she still wins.

    i do not usually read the horror-scope in teh paper, but today it jumped out at said that i should video tape myself. goodness....that is one strange horrorscope. i suppose i will.

    scribblingvspenmanship might be the name of the new blog. need to see if it is available

  5. i honestly cannot believe that no one besides me wants that slide projector. you could just skip the blogs and go straight into vlogs - as i understand it, blogs are mainly for *old people.* you sure won't have to fight me for any blog/vlog names - that projector will probably entertain me for decades.