Saturday, June 11, 2011

green - tire pressure

so, the p.o. sells stamps and when they send them to you, they com in a tyvek envelope. inside the tyvek envelope is a cellophane envelope with the stamps and a sheet of chip board so that they do not get bent. no wonder the p.o. is going broke. and since they are all about green, i will be sure to recycle all their packing materials. first, i cut the chip board in half and made two post cards. i made them because i needed inserts for those two black and white envelopes that were part of an exchange. i did not use the real addresses of the exchange participants.
and i photocopied the stamps, so that i did not waste postage. this might be my new thing...just making entirely fake mail with photocopied images of the stamps. i can down load the images off the usps website.

not a successful transition from V to i...but, i am going to post it anyway. maybe if i post really shabby lettering, it will inspire the blog-readers to submit their improved versions??? or, it will inspire me to spend more time re-making fake mail. i know few of you are going to respond to my calls to participate...but, the least you can do is tell me how you are sending more mail to other people and how much happy feedback you are getting.

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  1. i, too, have somehow overcome my reluctance to shop for stamps online. . . i shudder to think of what the stamp drawer will look like in 20 years.