Monday, June 20, 2011

green - lightbulb

in theory, this one would be a postcard. but, you would have to add more postage to cover the odd shape and orientation. i scanned it with a green envelope in the background so you could see the shape. i'd use two stamps. although you only need an extra 20-cents or so. i am not sure of the exact amount any more.

ok, i'm 75% sure that the cost to send a square or non-conforming envelope is 64-cents. a very nice man at the p.o. gave me that information. he also told me that the wedding cake stamp was a 61-cent stamp, and that the 2-ounce rate was now 64-cents and the ONLY 64-cent stamps were dolphins or butterflies. so, i went home and ordered the 64-cent wedding cakes online.

you can never be sure about the information you receive at a p.o. but, it makes sense that they changed the non-conforming 1-ounce rate to be the same as the 2-ounce rate. so you waste 24-cents when you use two 44 stamps. he did show me the brand new george washington stamp, that is 20-cents and designed to be the correct amount to add on for a second ounce or squareness. it will look pretty on black envelopes, or if the addressee is named george...but that's about it.

lucky me, i have a son named george, with a birthday coming up, so, i guess i can flood his mailbox with george-mail

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