Friday, May 4, 2018

Weaver Writing - March Exchange

I pulled out my Weaver Writing that I learned from Gwen Weaver in 2000. I'm pretty sure I have not used it since then and I must also admit that I altered quite a few details.

If you Google Weaver Writing you will find all kinds of examples.

In using up shimmer envelopes and random vintage stamps, I had fun. I wouldn't call these my best work - but they weren't so toady that I tossed them. I'll post the shimmer envelopes on a different day.

Did any of you watch the Alan Blackman video that I posted a while back? I finally got around to watching it and was very interested to hear Alan say that he has boxes and boxes full of his envelopes that were duds. He also made several comments about things he would have done differently - as he was showing the slides of his envelopes. Alan's envelopes were instrumental in the launching of my own addiction. I really need to send him a thank you letter. If any of you know his address, please send it to me. I think someone already did - but I have no idea where I filed it....

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  1. I enjoyed the workshop given by Gwen Weaver. I've morphed the Weaver writing in to the writing I use most often. The world is missing a wonderful and talented woman.