Saturday, May 19, 2018

Feb Exchangers Carroll, Lynne, and Smash

I have a feeling that the one from Smash (on the bottom) came in January - and might have been on the blog already. My stack of Jan-Feb-Mar mail all ran together. But, it is fun to see these groupings.

Lynne's, in the middle, got away with one Forever stamps. It could have been accessed a surcharge for being non-landscape.

Carroll's on top looks like white gel pen - and black ink. Red is such a nice color for envelopes because both black as well as white looks equally good on red. Colored envelopes that look good with both black and white are...what? What's the term for the mid-point between too light and too dark? Is it a measurable tone? This is way too technical. Although some of the readers are very smart and have all kinds of good answers to some of the random questions posted on the blog.

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