Friday, May 25, 2018

Feb Exchangers Veronica and Smash

Veronica -on top- send this envelope and her return address was on the back. The envelope was delivered to her house. She took it back to the PO and they re-mailed it.

The following month Maggie said she had the same problem - with an envelope being returned to her for no apparent reason. It's happened to me. I guess sometimes the scanner just reads the return address, imprints the bar code and the envelope goes on its merry way.

My solution would be to write the return address on the left or right edge of the envelope - on the back - so that it was not in the proper orientation to be picked up by the scanner. I think about doing that - but seldom actually do it.

Anyhow - these are both very pretty and were most welcome in February. Smash's is a postcard.

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  1. I'm happy to know that this happens to other people too. I had my return address positioned in the middle of the back of an envelope and sure enough, it wound up back in my mailbox. Grrr.