Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sign Up for May Envelope Exchange

A whimsical envelope from Nonny Mouse.

To sign up, you need to send me your current information. I need to copy and paste from a new email each month. I am unable to pick up your information from previous exchanges.

NEW PEOPLE - please follow these easy instructions:

Please send me your name, address, zip code, email -single spaced, with the line breaks you prefer. I do not need a line space between address and zip code. If you put one in, I just delete it.

June Smith
240  Main Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50312 USA

Sign up is May 1 though the 4th.
I will reply that your email has arrived, so if you do not hear from me, resend your info.
Your list will be sent to you on May 5th or 6th.
You will have a list of 6 people, including yourself.
Please send a decorated envelope -to the other 5- by May 31st.
No theme - beginners are welcome - any medium is fine - calligraphy is optional.
Digital art is fine - as is rubber stamping - and hand made envelopes.
BEGINNERS are most welcome. Everyone started out as a beginner - so don't worry about your skill level.

If you would like to be on more than one list - let me know.
If you are having a birthday in May - type (BIRTHDAY) after your name.
Birthday themed envelopes are optional.
If you like to make cards, type (CARDS) after your name. Card makers are welcome to exchange cards. Last month 10 out of 28 people were card makers.
I do not make cards and usually send an empty envelope.
About half the envelopes I receive are empty.

Beginners: you may read more about the exchange on the *rules* tab. On your phone, you need to go to View web version - to see the tabs. I think that covers everything. If you have questions - just email me.

You may get one foreign address on your list. Mail to foreign countries costs $1.15

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