Monday, May 21, 2018

Bonus for the Calligraphers

Todays regular post with two envelope ideas is below this one. This bonus post is for the calligraphers who read the blog.

This popped up during my Sunday morning DCAS (drink coffee and surf). The artists is from Turkey. The video is on some kind of FaceBook page - so if you are anti FB - sorry. I've never linked to FB before so I have no idea if this will work.

This is the mast head of the site where I found the video. Quite lovely. It is by Sachin Shah. There is a myth out there that calligraphy is a dying art. Not true. Not true at all.

FB is so controversial.
I can understand why.
It has super sneaky ways of getting you to click on stuff.
Jean Wilson Hippolite.

In the olden days, there was only one other Jean Wilson of note - Jean Wilson in Texas who was(is) a research doctor. He was annoyed with me because I would try to send emails to myself - but he had claimed the name JeanWilson - so he was getting emails about envelope addressing. He is now on YouTube and listed as a Giant in Medicine. If time permits, I will start a series - Giants in Envelopes.

After Pinterest got rolling, I found a lot of Ruby Jean Wilson stuff on Pinterest. She is a model in Australia. And now this - a politician in Haiti. It's really fun how wildly international the name is. To me it seems so generic and white-bread-midwestern.

I should also mention other Jean Wilsons -  the Canadian speed skater, the Welsh JW who stole money for gastric bypass surgery, and my favorite - the Jean Wilson whose life was saved by a pizza delivery person:

I fully expect someone at Taco John's to save my life. Probably a Heimlich Maneuver when I choke.


  1. Such fun in this post! And the calligraphy video was wonderfully inspiring. Thanks, Jean.

  2. Your post is hilarious! I check it every morning and it really made me chuckle out loud. This video and other links you provide are really inspiring, thank you!