Saturday, May 12, 2018

Ice Cream to Phillip

This was the other orphan ice cream stamp. I did slightly better with coming up with an idea, knowing that I only had one chance. I like to keep the bottom half-inch of the envelope clear for the bar code - so I needed something going across the bottom that was white on white. Obviously - it would have been much cuter to do the zip code as the cherries - but, it was done and the stamp was on.

The tipped angle on this really bothers me.

Note added in real time:
I finally figured out how to airdrop photos from my phone to my computer  -- a feature that is right up there with sliced bread. I've mentioned this before - but for those who missed it - the bread slicing machine was invented right here in innovative Iowa. From sliced bread to the computer.

For the Iowa readers - if you scroll down through the comments on this site - there are some interesting additions to the list, -- also a few debates and the usually foolishness.

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