Monday, May 7, 2018

PO re-writing my address

I sent this envelope to Trish in the April Exchange. Somebody at the PO was not pleased with the way I scattered the address information all over the envelope so they rewrote it on a label. But, they didn't get it quite right.

Trish's last name starts with M and was written on the crossbar of the T in Trish. They put that name down as the city. And the A-word tucked between the r-i in Trish - is the town where Trish lives and the postal worker put that as her last name.

I have been (usually) making my address information more traditional and easy to read - but in April, I had a whole sheet of those ships to use up - and I did a bunch of envelopes with BIG first names - and then I couldn't think of any way to make them interesting. Plus the 3 ships were not fun to place. Now that they are all gone - I have just had my good idea on how I should have used them up use ---I should have done a Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria theme....two of them sailing off the left side and the third one stuck over on the right with a word bubble saying --"Hey guys....wait for me."

I am currently working on the May exchange envelopes and trying to think of things where the address has a traditional spot. Using up the stamp hoard is soooooooo hard. I think I've turned the corner from loving the stamps like my children ---to where they are now bothersome guests who have over-stayed their welcome.


  1. I guess that PO worker isn't a fan of mail art. How disappointing that he/she ruined your envelope.
    I have some stamps in my stash that I can't bring myself to use. I don't know what I'm saving them for though. One of them is the lavender Love stamp with the pointed pen dove.

    1. I'm pretty sure the yellow label will peel off easily. Most of the PO stickers are removable. Glad to hear that I am not the only one who is attached to stamps... I have some of those pointed pen dove stamps, too. It was a set - there is the same one in green - to be used on 2-ounce letters.