Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wacky Week to Skip, Amy and Cathy (Step one)

It will be hard to decide which stamps to use on these three. There are birthday candles tucked in to Skip's and Amy's. I used three sizes of black markers. Large = Prismacolor chisel. Medium = Sharpie (which is their extra-fine) and Pigma-Micron size 01 for the finest lines.

You can see how different this style turns out depending on which letters are used. So much extra black on Amy's = compared to Cathy's


  1. love the birthday candles incorporated in the address....another clever you have any of the celebrate stamps? they could work!

    1. yes, i agree that the forever celebrate stamp would work well color-wise. my problem with that stamp is that the five worms at the bottom have always given me the creeps. there is a 42-cent celebrate stamp that is an all time favorite of mine - and whenever i see the forever stamp, i get very depressed that they did not re-issue the 42-cent design. it is soooooo nice. i'll put it in a bonus post tomorrow.