Tuesday, September 26, 2017

June Exchange from Troy and Maggie

Troy (top) and Maggie (below).
Similar colors.
Different styles.
Troy's is big, bold and fills up the space...
Maggie's is more delicate and leaves some white space.

I also like how the PO chose a big bold cancel on Troy's and a much more complementary circle on Maggie's that echoes her lace doilies.

Can't you just picture the postal workers pondering which cancel they use to complement the design? It is always lots of fun when you go to the counter for a hand cancel and the clerk really cares about where they are going to place the cancel.

1 comment:

  1. The lacy doilies and stamp are as delicate as Maggie's hand. Very pretty.

    Your trio formed at the top is a perfect fit and the address balances every element overall. Including the negative spaces in your name. I wonder if all that was deliberate or planned? :D

    You get good mail too!