Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Bonus Post - Oscar's Spring Collection

Below this is today's regular post.

I try to stay on topic but anyone who knows me in person knows I have a fondness for clothing with writing and scribbles. I wish I had kept a photo of all the different clothing I have had with letters and words. I campaigned for my first dress with an alphabet design was when I was 4 or 5. I saw the fabric in the store and had to harangue on my mom to go back and buy it and make me a dress. I still have some scraps of the fabric. I know I have a photo of me in the dress. I'll have to post it next time I run across it.

Yesterday I had a ton of other stuff I should have been doing, instead I was surfing and I wasn't even surfing through clothing - so I do not know how I ended up at Oscar de la Renta's 2018 spring collection - but it made me happy that I surf. There are over 50 designs. Some are pretty wacky. If I have time, I might try doing a series of envelopes that are inspired by the designs. I really like the first dress. I can see black scribbles filling up the top of the envelope. My only complaint is that on too many of the dresses he has clearly just written his name. I'm not a big fan of wearing clothes with other people's names on them.....but that's just me. I am sure that I would be splashing my name all over clothes if I were a designer.
oscar's spring 2018

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