Friday, September 22, 2017

June Exchange from JeanR

There wasn't another exchange envelope to pair with this one - and I think JeanR's idea deserves to go solo.

It's a nice monochromatic envelope and the idea of adhering quotes is really nice...
the layering is also nice.

The style of writing is called foundational. It is not a popular style and not many people seek it out as one they want to learn, but it is one of the very best to work on if you want to hone your skills with a broad edge pen.

To exchangers.
My envelopes have gone out.
They are very late.
But I am in good company.
Early-bird -or- last-minute-er.
Whatever works.

Note to self: send an email to the procrastinator conference and ask if there are any studies on how some people get more creative at the last minute.

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