Saturday, July 22, 2017

Wrapping Up the Week of Pink and Sparkles

Alex exclaimed, "I LIKE owls!" when she opened this one. It's oozing with cuteness. From Alyce.

And below we have... the rest of the stack - hopefully the cards are with the right envelopes. If I've mixed any of them up - lemmekno.

BIG THANKS to everyone who sent mail. The best part was my husband and my daughter being so impressed that complete strangers would take time to send mail to Alex. They were really touched. So, if anyone needs mail, lemmekno....I can't promise - but - I usually do manage to send things to people who need some mail or need something sent to a deserving person. Once in a while things get lost in the stacks....

A dancer from Terry
KateR, Alison, Carroll sent these.

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