Sunday, July 2, 2017

Purple Hat Story for Limner

also this

The top link is to a darling story about FedEx delivering a purple hat. And the second link goes to a bizarre set of envelopes. One of them is pictured here. You need to scroll down quite a ways to get to the envelopes. I spent very little time at the website. It might be too strange. I'm having an odd day. It is actually Feb 14 and the furnace is broken, so I am sitting in a room with a space heater waiting to find out if I get to wait 3 or 4 more days for the new furnace. Good time to add posts - but they might be strange.

I had Googled *purple hat* and was overwhelmed with images. I finally just took a screen shot and printed it out and made it into an envelope (below). To do this right, I would need a graphics program and do a better job of editing and arranging. So, I like the idea - but it's more complicated than what I can handle. I would have put a Dorothy Height stamp in the upper right corner - but there was not enough room. I can't remember if I even mailed this one....but, I do like the idea of searching a topic and then printing out a screen shot and turning it into an envelope.

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