Friday, July 14, 2017

Pairing of Airy Envelopes

The top envelope is from Maggie and the bottom one is from Terry. Both are examples of leaving some white space. Maggie's is making me hungry for cupcakes, donuts, and ice cream. Three items that are not in my house. Luckily it is hotter than heck outside. Too hot to get in a car so I will have to find a substitute in my house. KIND bars are my new treat.  I just saw a *recipe* that had s'mores made with donuts instead of graham crackers. It reminded me of the Luther Burger. A burger using two donuts in place of the standard hamburger bun.

My younger son uses two grilled cheese sandwiches - in place of the standard burger bun - to make the ultimate burger. I can't remember what he calls it....I guess I will call it a Hunter Burger. OK, enough food talk. Back to envelopes.

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