Saturday, July 29, 2017

Eric's Blog - My Mail Art World

This is a bonus post. Todays' regular post is right below. Oops. Above. I check my own blog every day, then I click on the top one in my list of blogs I look at, which is Finnbadger's. From there, I click on Eric's - and...I thought I had put Eric's on My Blog List a while back, but just noticed that it is not there. So, I corrected that promptly and recommend y'all check it daily. To view My Blog List, you need to be in *View Web Version* on your phone (I think). It is easy to find if you are on a regular computer rather than a phone.

Last year, as you may recall, Eric celebrated his 50th trip around the sun. This year he is celebrating envelopes made out of paper bags. It has been fun watching how cohesive his blog is by having a yearly theme.

Anyhow....speaking of trips around the sun is launching a whine about the fact that I do not know what I did with my eclipse stamps. I traveled to the path of totality in 1979 and consider it a highlight of my life. I will be out of town, to the north, during the 2017 eclipse, but I have been encouraging everyone I know in Des Moines to make the day trip down to Missouri to see it. I have also been checking towns that are within the path of totality and there are endless opportunities to surf and learn trivial this one:

Chillicothe, Mo is the home of sliced bread.
They are very proud of the fact. You can read more here:

Someone needs to put a lock on my computer so that I stop surfing and get my chores done.

There is a future post that talks about an actual conference for procrastination study that I discovered....yup. I could not make this stuff up.


  1. Thank you very much for the shout-out, Jean.

  2. hello ! I love your blog, and wonder if you could give us the link to Eric's (or I missed it !) ? thank you !

  3. Here is a link to Eric's blog.
    There is always a link - under *My Blog List*
    But, if you read my blog on a phone, you might not see my blog list without switching to *View web version*

  4. thanks a lot ! I didn't know which of the blogs in the list was Eric's !

    1. Oh, yes. That would have been helpful information :-)

    2. I just added it to the title of the post :-)