Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Rest of the Poppy Mail

The one on the right is from Maggie. I love the delicate little flowers on the Alexandra card. I think they are made with brush markers. Nice new ones that make very crisp petals.

This is from Rachael. Nice borders and flourishing.

Top one from Nancy D and bottom one from Kathie McC.


  1. Oh dear, I sent one for Alexandra as well...did it not make it? Boo...

    1. I'm sure it arrived. On a good day, my filing system is chaotic. Then I have to keep track of which envelopes are scanned - then which ones are posted..and with Alex - I had a heck of time keeping track of all that mail.
      I even posted a bunch of them twice - and then had to delete, so I would not have repeats....
      and the missing one from you could very well have gotten deleted by mistake. If anyone can suggest a fool-proof system for me to collect my mail, scan it, post it, and maintain a filing system - please move to Iowa and live in my guest room. I guess there will be so many people vying for the position, I'll have to have try-outs or a lottery. Please submit applications ASAP. Bribes in the form of cash are most welcome.

    2. Ah yes, you point is a good one! Good luck narrowing down the applicants... wink wink.