Saturday, July 8, 2017

Off Topic - but fabulous

OK, this is the most fantastic thing I have found in a while. To the right, you see a scribble that I made on the computer screen with the mouse.

And below are just a few of the items that the website AutoDraw offers. You can click on any image and it will appear in place of your scribble. You can change the color and fill in the spaces with colors. Add type. Do all kinds of things.

I could spend an insane amount of time at this site. Maybe none of you share my wild enthusiasm for such things.....
if you wanna give it a whirl....there is a link to the sire. They also ask people to suggest additional items to offer. The first time I went, I was needing an image of a dinosaur and nothing was popping up. So, I suggested they get some dinosaurs and the next time I visited - voila- they had dinosaurs.

Below the link is a screen shot of all the images they offered that were guesses at what my scribble might be. I'm not sure how they will look when this pops up for my readers. I suspect on phones it will be too small, so you might have to go to the site to see what it is. But, I do not know if you can draw pictures on a phone. You might need a mouse.

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  1. way too much fun! I could spent time there...