Thursday, July 13, 2017

Pairing a Pair

The top two are a pair of kraft envelopes that came from non-exchangers - paired with a brand new exchanger.

Welcome to the party.

The middle one, from Limner came in the envelope pictured yesterday, with the spoon. I am guessing that while it looked like something that could have been mailed, she didn't think the attached items would stay attached. It was chock full of works, pictures, stamps, stickers, etc. That Limner can fill the space like a pro.

The brand new exchanger is Shandra (bottom). She sent two envelopes - and I know you'll enjoy seeing the other one which will pop up before the end of July when we get to the ones that were sent to my granddaughter.

The top one had a nice note on the back including a quote from Sister Corita - Don't try to create and analyze at the same time. Good advice. To just dive in with wild abandon is not always the most comfortable thing. I guess I am prone to doing it because I keep telling myself that my sanity hinges on letting myself do more art and be less preoccupied with the chores and obligations. So while my brain is telling me to just be a rebel and don't do what I should be doing --- my gut is telling me to take a lot of risks on top of being rebellious.

I write these posts 2 to 3 months in advance. Then I re-read them a week before they pop up. I usually agree with myself.

P.S. (written on July 11)
Fantastic advice - if I do say so myself. If the only place you can be wild and crazy is with markers and paper - you should be super happy that you have that outlet. I just returned from a 2 week trip and had a huge stack of exchange envelopes waiting for me. Of course - it was a wonderful way to return to the routine world and as always, the range of ideas and creativity knocked my socks off. I am glad that we have found each other and have this very easy outlet for creative expression.

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