Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Jean's Favorite of the Poppy Mail

I loved this one because the card was made by another 3 year old.

I am not sure I have the card with the right envelope. Alex is not as compulsive as I am with keeping cards and envelopes together. Plus, the flap of the envelope is lost.

Also, the postmark doesn't match up with who I think sent the card - so this is a bit of a mystery. If the person (or the two people) who sent these want(s) to clear things up - please leave comments or email me.

The butterfly stamps are so pretty....


  1. Haha - I sent this while visiting my granddaughter. I had to use her markers to draw Poppy since I didn't have my usual supplies. Mystery solved!

    1. thanks for this update. with 25 pieces of mail going in and another 25 leaving - i have around 50 pieces of mail every month....and it's hard to keep track of everything....