Sunday, July 30, 2017

Off-Topic Eclipse - Bonus post

Today's regular post is right below. Yesterday I tried to schedule an eclipse related post *below* and messed up and put it before. So if you missed both posts yesterday - you can backtrack.

I will try to stop with my eclipse chatter - but will send you a link that illustrates that I am not alone in my enthusiasm for the eclipse. I found a site where people leave their own stories about experiencing an eclipse. I wasn't going to read all of them, but curiosity (as well as the need to drink coffee) led me to read all 19 and I was so glad I did. This is one that I thought was pretty charming.

Bill Kramer's story:
My first total solar eclipse was in 1972. I was lucky enough to be on board the TSS Olympia for the inaugural "Voyage To Darkness". Like many I had brought a lot of gear and had selected a perfect location to view early in the morning. Layers of other eclipse observers settled in behind us. One of which was a planetarium director with his wife and young daughter. He had seen the 1970 total solar eclipse and was quite entertaining in his description of what to expect and what was going on during totality. With his daughter perched on his lap he pointed out various details. She gasped as the diamond ring appeared and then said in a loud voice "Wow! Do that again Daddy!" Several of us turned our attention to him and exclaimed, ""Yes, do that again".

To read the other 18 stories:

A re-run. Reminds me of planets/stars/moons. 


  1. We live in Waterloo, IA and are planning an early morning exit heading south to Missouri on August 21. Our last eclipse experience was in San Antonio in 1979. Being older and so much wiser, we're hoping for better things. Read: no cameras to interfere with the actual experience.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. I look forward to a trip report after the event. :-)