Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Wrapping Up Halloween

From Karen, Shana, Karen
While scheduling the posts (currently it is Dec 2 and I am wrapping up the Oct exchanges) I get to a point where I am confused and just need to move on to other things - so I'll lump all the rest together.

My apologies if I have missed anyone. I'm pretty sure that I have had multiple posts about how I have embraced the disorder and randomness of my bloggy life. I'm confident it is making me healthier and I assume none of you want me to drop dead from stress, right?

Thanks to everyone who exchanged and continues to exchange. Sign up for March Exchange starts tomorrow.

From Nancy D
This envelope is currently hiding. The bottom one was returned and was resent in the top envelope. I can't figure out why the PO couldn't figure out the address. It looks perfectly clear to me.

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