Thursday, February 23, 2017

Grasshopper Alexis


This is from one of my best grasshoppers. I think she only had about 3 quick lessons. Then she moved to  the Twin Cities to launch her grown up life as a wife. She'll probably want kids, too. But she'll always have her penmanship to keep her sane. I'm still bitter that she didn't fall in love with my younger son. They were in the same class in high school. Alexis would have been the most perfect daughter-in-law. But my son says her husband is a really nice guy. So, I'm happy for her. I think he proposed in Paris. And not the one in Texas.

And here is the envelope liner. She bought lots of different papers and lined the envelopes herself.


  1. Really nice. You didn't lose a future dil. You retained a lovely grasshopper friend. :D Lucky you are, the both of you.

    That stamp truly sets a mood. My-my-my!

    1. agreed - on the stamp.
      i need to get some and pull out my indigo gouache