Saturday, February 4, 2017

Bonus post

Reminder that the Graceful Envelope contest has been announced. Google it for details. I doubt I'll have time or attention span to enter. This is from the 2005 contest by someone with Davis as last name. Sorry, no time to do full research. Just had to insert a bonus post to big whiny rant about Pinterest. I'm addicted to Pinterest and it has started messing with me. I'll sit down to pin all 3,000 envelopes on the blog to boards so that readers can do easier searches - and -poof- the pin option is gone. Pinterest does have a really good help page with a whole list of suggestions for how to fix it - but it tells me to empty my cache, and all kinds of other things that might as well be telling me to repair my car or furnace all by myself.  
I really like this use of leftover stamps - plus, the shading to make the stamps look like they are floating is stealworthy. And penguins. Who doesn't love penguins, eh?

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