Wednesday, February 15, 2017

George says, "Thanks for the birthday greetings."

A few days before George's birthday, I mentioned it on the blog and invited people to send greetings. The first one that came was a post card from Pittsburg, not mail art, but a very welcome greeting.

Then a couple days later he received 4 more and was very happy. His first question was, "Should I open them, or are these the kind with nothing in them?" I pointed out that my loyal pen pals have learned how to write -open- or -empty- on the back. It might be in pencil, so you might have to look closely, but it's there.

I'll show two today and two on another day.

Thank you pen pals - real mail on birthdays is not as common as it used to be - and I know he enjoyed receiving it.

Top one is from Cathy and bottom one is from Hester. He got a kick out of Hester's note about the envelope being glued to cardboard. We both got a kick out of the label on the candle. Hester and I are kindred spirits when it comes to spelling and the tricky l-e or e-l. You can't imagine how many times I struggle with words like that.
Lable or label  is the hardest one for me.
Ladel - ladle.
So similar in sound, but I'm pretty sure they are inconsistent in spelling.
I have to stop now. It's never pretty when I head off on a spelling rant.

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  1. Glad all arrived and the Birthday was a happy one, no spell check on envelopes glued to cardboard