Tuesday, February 7, 2017

To Eric in October + add-on stamps on the entire exchange

This is probably the last one in the October exchange series. I debated about using 3 stamps from the series that included the frog, but then I thought the cowboys looked better. It was really hard to part with the cowboys. I love them dearly. But, I have made a note-to-self that Eric appreciates stamps. So, I will now feel better about sending the ones that have a deep hankering to stay at the 420.

This one might have run earlier, with just the frog stamp. And I might have said that I was not going to re-photograph all the envelopes after I added enough postage to the 39-cent stamps. And then, I forgot to stop at the PO so the envelopes ended up back at the 420 and I went ahead and photographed all but one - because it hid. And now I have to decide how compulsive I am. Can I let it go? It had a cute twist. The number of deadlines hanging over me are scary.

Here are the rest of them.

The gem stamps were better on the sparkle envelope than the other stamps.

That stamp with Sidney would have been fun with a thought bubble.

The 13-cent, tiny stamps fit between the first and last names, but, I'm not happy with how distracting they are.

Ho-hum but not wretched.

The Indian head penny looks great with the buffalo and the color of the envelope.

Three more where the add-on stamp ended up in the bottom right corner.

The rest of them except for Troy's. His Y in Troy looked like a martini glass and I put the ZIP code stamp, tipped, in the martini glass. Cute, but distracting.

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