Saturday, February 18, 2017

Gothy and the Grasshopper

Lynne went gothic-y for the October exchange and Grasshopper Finn used a cool sticker and impressed me with his hand lettering. Since I am compelled to do a little critiquing, I hope Finn is OK with these comments. You have a nice amount of bounce and variation in scale. If you want to spiff things up a bit, start the second stroke on your R and D at the top of the first stroke, rather than having an overhang. The overhang would be OK if you were going for serifs. I'd shorten the horizontal stroke on the L. Also, shorter crossbars on the T, and make sure they are connected.

Again - I hope my comments do not sound like nit-picking. I am so impressed with how well you are doing and would not want you to stop. In case it is not obvious, I have had a couple incidents where I thought I was just making helpful comments, but it turned out I came across as critical and insensitive. So, I am uber-cautious about making suggestions.

There are a few people who have expressed an interest in  more tutorials on the blog and this is one style that is very beginner friendly - so, if anyone wants a more specific set of tips - let me know. I do have the giant tub of exemplars that I keep thinking would be fun to post on the blog.


  1. Bring on the giant tub of exemplars--please!

  2. The grasshopper is always OK with feedback. I seem to do better when writing does not have to be uniform to look decent.

  3. Would love to see exemplars!
    What kills me is that I see other peoples' work on envelopes and think, "why couldn't I come up with that?" And i certainly don't want to copy anyone. I feel like the creative gene skipped a generation.