Friday, February 10, 2017

Desk cleaning [Pinterest *More* Button]


Thursday a.m. I got up, made my coffee, hit the surf board (That's means started my morning surf on the computer)  I noted that Pinterest -who tries to anticipate what I want to see- had tossed up several items that were off my blog. Then, something made me go to the mouse - and when I hovered over an image from my blog, the regular red-dot Pinterest icon [the pin button] was in the upper right corner. But there was also a new button in the lower right corner that is black and shaped like a vitamin capsule - and it says (- More). So I clicked on it and -voila- more of my envelopes popped up. I Googled to see if there was anything about this new feature online and -nothing. It's a great feature. Has anyone else seen it? I did start a business account with Pinterest, so maybe the feature is only on business accounts.

Returning to the regularly scheduled post today:

I found one of those spider writers and was trying it out, then I forgot to send this to Anne.

And the bottom 2 envelopes are hiding, so I can't tell you who sent the orange one. I do know the other one is from SmashGirl.

There are a lot of exchangers whose work I recognize right off the bat - other times - I have to check the flap.

Does everyone know mine when they show up, or sometimes are you surprised?


  1. I usually can guess that an envelope is from you but you have surprised me a few times. I don't see that "More" button on Pinterest. I want to thank you for creating a Pushing the Envelopes account on Pinterest. How wonderful to have the envelopes all sorted and in one place!

  2. Thanks for making me feel better. I haven't found any other un-mailed Christmas gifts. :D

    I'm surprised! It feels good. Such talent.

  3. I do see the More button. In my case it'll mean "more" time on Pinterest.