Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sept Exchangers

Jannie's pretty leaves were most welcome in Sept. Great stamp choice. It is Everglades National Park. I do not recall seeing that stamp. The stitching border is stealworthy. The photo made the metallic edges go white, which emphasized the 3-D appearance of the leaves.

The next one, from Anne, would have had me putting it under a microscope to see if she painted the large flower on the left or if it was printed on the envelope and she added to it. I know where my magnifying glass is, just too lazy to get a step stool to reach it. Maybe she will leave a comment and tell us.

And finally one from Marti. It's always fun when the postmark ties in so beautifully with the design of the envelope. All y'all know I am going to comment on how I like the white space, eh? Repeating shapes is good design. Circles in all sizes from dots to the max size allowed by envelope. Then a variety of rectangles. Three sets of two items. I wonder how many of her choices were conscious. Three sets of three dots. Two sets of two dots on the large circle. And the single yellow line grounds all the other elements. While I jabber a lot about dots, do not forget that a single line can be your best friend.

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