Friday, February 17, 2017

October Exchange - Crow and Cauldron

Happy Birthday to the blog. Seven years old today. These are from the October exchange.
Top from Carol. Bottom from Nancy L. I probably say this too many times - Halloween is the best holiday because it has so many different images.

I would have liked to schedule these to pop up in September - a little closer to the time when you need ideas. But, I will label all of them so they will be easy to pull up later in the year.

Daily rant.
These are being inserted this week as I sit in my tiny studio room with a space heater waiting for a new furnace.

My rant about spelling led to an email exchange and commiserating with one of my pen pals who has the same problems that I do with spelling. And that lead to more surfing and I ran across this:

Yes, English can be weird.
It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.


  1. Great pair - the crow is such a clever idea.

    1. I agree. The minute it arrived, I thought to myself, "I must do this." Wish I had a stash of gray envelopes.....

  2. Love the Halloween Envelope! My favorite holiday as well

  3. Happy Birthday to the blog �������� years of fun, frustration and way too much contact with the English language...thanks so much.

    1. You're welcome. It's a treat to have so many *virtual* friends. Sometimes I go back and read threads of comments on particular blog posts - and they crack me up. Maybe some day I can repost some of the good ones....
      The blog has become a diary of my life....since 2010.
      Thanks for all of your fun comments.

  4. congratulations 7 candles for PTE well done and thank you

  5. Happy Birthday!!!
    Brrrr . . . . I hope the furnace is installed by now.
    The English language is confusing. It must be difficult to learn when the words rough and through are spelled alike but pronounced differently. It's interesting that when I use Siri on my phone, she/he/it will change the spelling of a word (ex: to/too/two) to the correct spelling as I finish a sentence.

  6. You may have seen this "English - Asylum for the Verbally Insane" before. If not, it's worth taking a look at. Just google it for a laugh...or a cry!