Sunday, May 13, 2012

suess photocopy

speaking of hoarding, as i did yesterday, i also hoard scraps of paper that have images on them. this one was inviting me to get rid of the rest of the suess stamps so that they would not be calling to me to spend too much time coming up with more suessy ideas.  and then, i figured out that a different blob of red would look better than repeatgin the suess image. now i have to do more suess envelopes.

the top scan is the back of the envelope.
although it is not an envelope. i just folded the paper and glued it all shut and added sticker-edges off the sheet of stamps.

the bottom scan shows my new method for smudging addresses. not a good method

and *aaarrggghh* to blogger for not allowing me to arrange the elements on the page.

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