Wednesday, May 9, 2012

french envelope

for years, i have admired french mail art. it's really very nice. here is a good example. i need to buckle down and spend more time on my envelopes. i have always loved the whatchamacallit spiral. i can't think of the name. it is based on the Fibonacci numbers.

here is the blog where i found this image

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  1. Bonjour Jean,
    To be honest, I am a little "proud" that my enveloppe crossed the ocean... Thanks to share it on your blog. I did it for "Mail Art Across the Word" 2011 session. MAAW 2013 has just started. Join us !! The envelopes must be posted before Dec 1, 2013..... Ouch... My brain is just empty and don't have any idea like in 2011..... Take you pens !!! Best regards Armelle QUEGUINER PIRIOU from Brittany