Wednesday, May 16, 2012

belgium - mail art

 i added the top one because the bottom envelope was such a low-res image, that you could hardly see it. the blue and green stamps are faux-postage....which is a popular activity for some in the mail-art world....making your own stamps. this is a nice arrangements  below is the original post for today.

i really like the idea on the lower one even though it is so hard to see. even blurry ideas are very useful.,m8,default,1&m8albumid=11&m8returnid=54&page=54

last wednesday i posted an envelope from france. then i went looking for good mail art from other countries. i found this one from belgium. then i thought i would have every wednesday be international mail art day. i have several lined up.

this is all pixilated...but i love the idea, so i am going to go ahead an leave it. hopefully i will have time to do my own version.

also, in the right column of this blog, if you scroll down, there are other interesting blogs. i just added one that chuck found. it is in french and looks like it has some good stuff.

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