Saturday, May 26, 2012

ccc - anne

there are 3 or 4 (in the huge pile of pink & green envelopes) that have the dry marker and glaze pen dots. this is my favorite of the group. the shapes in the lettering do not go with the stamp very well. and i would have liked to put a bit of green in the lettering. but, i am in the middle of wedding season, so it is a miracle that i am still getting a new post every day.

don't forget to look for spaces that are created that give you a convenient place to park that last name. it would have been fine to hang an additional letter at the front end or back end or both.

answer to yesterday's question:
if i were stranded on a desert island, i would have to pick paper, because you can do so much with paper. if you only had pens, markers, pencils, etc, and nothing to write on, it would be frustrating. of course there would be self tattoo...and if you had sharpies, you could decorate that lonely palm tree. and, i wish sharpie would pay me for the idea of doing an ad of someone who was stranded with only a could be a really fun series....but,  that will never happen. the sharpie website/blog has quite a few good ideas for writing on everything...and you do not have to be stranded, you can just start at home.  google sharpie, and go look. are you more tempted if i put the link into my blog? see, i am trying to help you NOT waste time surfing.


  1. I am amazed that you are able to post every day. I like this envelope. And now I want to Sharpie everything in sight.

  2. i do not actually blog each day. i take an hour and create several posts and blogger has a feature where i can schedule them to pop up each morning at 1 am. so, for example, at this time, i have about 40 posts scheduled to pop up. i hope this does not seem like *cheating.* i still read the blog every day and many of the posts are edited on the day they appear, as i sometimes think of better ways to express my opinions.

    thank you for posting. :-)