Thursday, May 24, 2012

ccc - andrea

roses clash with bonsai. this gets a F.

the idea to use very thin lines to build the shapes that make the letters that spell the name is a worthwhile idea. the way the bowl on the d leaves an appendage on each end of the stem is a good idea. i still get an F on the envelope because i should have left those appendages on the Rs as well. and the Es.

this pink-green-done-too-fast series will probably be fun for me to watch over the days. i don't always get my good ideas when i need them. they come to me later.

and if i was not so lazy, i would have found a better stamp. i went to google and searched, love stamp pink rose, because i remembered this one. the very first hit was the PINTEREST pin board for the Smithsonian Postal Museum. well, this is pretty exciting. first, if you do not know pinterest, it is a new way to store and catalog all of the pictures and ideas you find on the internet. you *pin* the image on a board and then, if you ever want to go back, you can easily find the website and images. you create any category that you like. here is the pin board with all the love stamps (maybe not all)

click on the big red PINTEREST at the top of the page and it will take you to the main page. if you want to participate, it is free, but you do have to give them your email address. if you click on the postal museum, i am guessing there are many other categories. yup, they have 14 different boards, so far.

so, the above envelope would have received a C if it had that stamp.

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