Friday, May 4, 2012

my mail

and even more mail. three days in a row. i guess this one hints around at me having a day. it was about 3 weeks ago. thanks to everyone who sent mail. this is from tom. i have a nice collection of mail from tom. he is very talented with the pointed pen.
he and i are both going to be at IAMPETH this year. it is a convention for penmanship people. maybe tom and i can figure out some kind of throw down using pens and ink. i wonder if tom ever checks the blog and will see this....if he challenges me to do a pretty C, i will have to concede. and the D in Des is better than any of my Ds. geesh, throw down is a bad idea. i'm sure the only thing i could ever beat him at is a who-can-address-faster contest. competitive penmanship...bad idea.

IAMPETH, if you have not heard of it is an organization for penmanship people.  to learn more.

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