Tuesday, May 1, 2012

allison & jim

i don't have a name for this style. i am sure it is a font that i saw somewhere. but, i can't find it now. it's a lot of fun to do. i can see doing it in metallic. that would go nicely with these industrial stamps.

the address will go in one line between those two blue lines. it might pop out of the lines, too. it would have been better to do this in red and black. i did it without a stamp in mind. i like the shapes in this stamp with the lettering.


  1. Ooooh! What a fun style of lettering! I may steal it one day. :) I still follow your blog every morning, Jean, even when I'm not commenting!

  2. Thanks for posting...yes, we would all be a bit side-tracked if we had daily comments. There are a few others who tell me they are daily visitors... :-)