Monday, May 21, 2012

ccc - mary ann

this style of writing is akim. it is fun to do. as i warned you a couple days ago...coming up...are a bunch of poor excuse postings. in the beginning of may, i  scheduled the rest of the ccc names to pop up every 3 or 4 days. first i put up the scans, they ran into june or july.  then i started writing the blurbs and went from july backwards. so there is no continuity. but, if you want continuity, go buy a book. the way blogs work, if you come across a new one, you tend to read them backwards anyways...
so, this one is a little ho-hum. because it is hard to read, i popped the info that the p.o. needs into a brighter color. that slights the, i wouldn't recommend this idea...but i highly recommend akim. it is hard to find a good exemplar by the man who invented it. i wish there was some resource for accessing styles of writing and the original exemplars as they were done by the people who either invented them....or are master penman.

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  1. there are a couple very cool photos of images created by the eclipse yesterday...on cari ferraro's blog. the link to her blog is the top one, under the archive list in the right hand column.