Saturday, May 12, 2012

graceful envelope

i have not entered the graceful envelope contest in years. the theme this year was *the letter D.* i thought of making the word graceful out of the letter D. this is not a very inspired idea. i imagine many others will do the same ...and do it better. i had a good run with that contest and could always tell when i had an irresistible envelope. this one is resistible. but, i thought i would post it. the f was too hunched over, so i layered the extra lines and then i added red. then i had spent as much time as i could allow, so i found stamps and sent it on its way. two days later i NEEDED those stamps to send a thank you to an architect who worked with i.m. pei on the pyramid in front of the Louvre. sadly... i had to use something less interesting...the agony of being a stamp hoarder.

you can click on the label *graceful envelope* and see the other entries in that category.

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