Monday, January 2, 2012

two today

i still can't figure out how to add photos and be in control of whether they show up on the top of the bottom.

i added the top envelope because the bottom envelope was too similar to many of the others i have already posted. it would have been fun to plaster a bunch of ornaments all over an envelope and if i have an opportunity to do another envelope requiring a bunch of stamps, i will do it, with the ornaments hanging at different heights.

the other envelope is just an example of mixing cute little styles for baby announcements. after 10-15 years of doing weddings, i am getting more requests for baby announcement addressing and i am a bit stumped on baby ideas. all i can think of are tiny little letters, script or printing.

i guess i can think of some other ideas. hopefully, i'll get some ready to post one of these days.

and the math gods must like me. yesterday, on the fist day of the year, i noticed that it was my 900th blog post of all time. also, my penpal from pencilvania dropped in. so she beats out the cheeseheads who dropped in that one time. hey, canandians.....would you like to break the record? i better get a map and start putting pins it.

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